Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Need for and Development of an Effective Case-Based Multimedia CD For Pediatric Pulmonary Board Review: The PEDSEEK Program

Jonathan Puchalski, MD, PhD, MEd
Yale University School of Medicine

Most pre-medical and medical specialties have programs that incorporate active learning strategies to facilitate preparation for “high-stakes” examinations, such as board exams. Although the exam content is outlined by the American Board of Pediatrics, other review tools are lacking in pediatric pulmonary medicine. This study hypothesizes that a case-based or question-based tool that employs multimedia would be educational for pediatric pulmonary board review. A needs assessment identified strategies and a CD called PEDSEEK was created. Post-tests demonstrated improved scores for material covered in this blinded, prospective, randomized, within-subjects study. Post-boards surveys in a representative population confirmed that PEDSEEK was a helpful, useful and educational tool for board review. The cases, questions, radiographs, internet links and feedback were favorably reviewed. Participants felt that its utility was not limited to board review but that PEDSEEK’s educational strategies could be used for general education, continuing medical education (CME) and for board recertification. In summary, PEDSEEK is a case-based, question-based multimedia tool that is educational and useful for pediatric pulmonary board review.