Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Assessment of the Effects of a Standardized Web-based Anesthesiology Tutorial Program on Anesthesiology Resident Performance on the ASA/ABA In-training Examination

John Lawrence, MD, MEd
University of Cincinnati

In-training Examinations (ITE) provide residents and residency program directors with objective assessment of medical knowledge but the optimal instructional program designed to improve performance on the Anesthesiology ITE have yet to be determined. This study evaluated the use of Blackboard® to facilitate a keyword tutorial program for anesthesiology residents. Residents completed keyword assignments and received faculty feedback on those subcategories of the ITE that they failed to demonstrate adequate knowledge in. The study failed to demonstrate a statistically significant difference on the percentile performance, change in average number of categories below and above the 50th percentile on the ITE subsequent to the tutorial program. However, the participants reported that the Blackboard system was efficient, easy to use, and preferable to email facilitation of assignments. Additionally, a majority of participants indicated that they covered material that they would not otherwise have done without the tutorial program. In conclusion, the introduction of a tutorial program managed by a VLE did not impair performance on the anesthesiology ITE and may increase the average amount of study time for anesthesiology residents.