Thursday, July 2, 2015

Attitudes of Health Care Faculty Towards Use of Active Learning Strategies in Continuing Education Program

Yolanda Wess, BSN, RN, MEd
University of Cincinnati

Health care faculty have input into curriculum design and planning in continuing education settings. There is much research showing the benefit of active learning to undergraduate education of healthcare professionals. There is little evidence in the literature that this approach is favored by faculty in continuing education settings with healthcare professionals. This study investigated the attitudes of six health care faculty providing training in the continuing education settings for healthcare professionals. This qualitative study involved interviews of six healthcare faculty teaching health care professionals in the continuing education setting. A sample of two physician, two pharmacist and two nurse healthcare faculty were recruited (n=6). Each person participated in an audio-taped semi-structured interview. Interviews were transcribed, coded and analyzed into themes. Four themes emerged: barriers to active learning, facilitators to active learning, expert faculty characteristics and pedagogical knowledge and techniques. Findings support faculty development to address barriers to using active learning strategies. Having an in-depth understanding of the attitudes of healthcare faculty towards active learning in the continuing education setting can present strategies to assist them in overcoming barriers to using active learning strategies.