Thursday, July 2, 2015

Readiness Assessment of Medical Residents for an Online Residents-as-Teachers Curriculum

Deborah Silva, MD, MEd
University of Puerto Rico

Background: The University of Puerto Rico, School of Medicine (UPR SOM) needs to implement a comprehensive Residents-as-Teachers (RAT) curriculum to fulfill accreditation requirements. One of the options would be to implement an online RAT curriculum, though the literature has been controversial as to the readiness of residents to participate in such a curriculum.

Aims: The purpose ofthis study was to evaluate if the residents at the UPR SOM are ready to engage in an online RAT curriculum.

Methods: This was a descriptive, mixed method design study which used both qualitative and quantitative approaches through a combination of an online survey and a focus group interview. Results: More than 80% of the residents that participated in the study had the technical knowledge and computer/internet accessibility to engage in an online curriculum; 90.5% thought an online RAT course is a good alternative to a traditional one; 87.5% would be willing to participate in an online curriculum and 68.6% residents preferred an online course to a traditional one.

Conclusions: Most of the residents at the UPR SOM are ready to engage in an online Residents­ as-Teachers Curriculum because they have the technical and self-directed learning skills and they are willing to participate in one. Yet, since around one third of residents still prefer a traditional curriculum, even when they have the technical readiness and the commitment to participate in an online one, it is recommended that prior to a wide-spread implementation a pilot test of the curriculum is conducted to maximize success.