Friday, June 26, 2015

Teaching in a Clinical Setting: How to Prepare Clinical Mentors in the Clinical Education Setting

Amber Anderson, MEd
Bethesda North Hospital

IMPORTANCE: The importance of this research paper is to determine if more formal education is needed/want amongst medical imaging and radiologic science clinical imaging mentors.

OBJECTIVE: Information was gathered through an online survey from participating clinical imaging mentors in the Cincinnati area to find out: their primary demographics, the type of training they received before becoming a mentor, if they wanted more formal training as a mentor and what type of training they preferred.

DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS: A research study aimed towards clinical imaging mentors in the Cincinnati area who work with students in the Radiology department.

RESULTS: The survey was emailed to 146 candidates and 65 responded. The respondents verified through the survey, that they do want more formal education.

CONCLUSION: The participants did verify that they wanted more formal education, but 25 out of the 65 did not answer what type of formal education they desired and 11 out of 65 would prefer a workshop, class or course. The remaining participants had many different answers as to what formal education they desired.