Friday, June 26, 2015

New Application and Requirements Starting Fall 2016

As part of an extensive replacement of the entire Student Information System (SIS) at the University of Cincinnati, there is a new program application that is rolling out starting with Fall 2016. One of the procedural changes with the new application involves transcripts.

Starting with applicants for Fall 2016, we are required to review applications using only an unofficial transcript. Applicants will be required to upload their unofficial transcripts into the application. If the applicant is accepted into the program, they must then request official transcripts be sent directly. It is the University's intention to save applicants the cost of ordering official transcripts unless they are actually admitted into the program.

We have decided to transition to this new requirement prior to Fall 2016. Applicants for Spring and Summer 2016 are being encouraged to upload unofficial transcripts into their application and order official transcripts only after acceptance. During the transition period, this is not required but is strongly recommended.