Friday, June 26, 2015

Development and Testing of a CD-ROM Program for Improving Adolescent Knowledge of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Lynelle Boamah, MD, MEd
Naval Medical College San Diego

Objective:  To design a theory-based educational program for adolescents with IBD using an interactive multimedia CD-ROM and to test its effectiveness in improving baseline knowledge in IBD.

Methods: IRB approval and informed consent/assent was obtained.  A pilot study and assessment of baseline IBD knowledge was performed on target learners (adolescents 13-17 years) using the Crohn’s and Colitis Knowledge Score (CCKNOW). Maximum score on the CCKNOW is 30.  Curriculum-based instruction was designed using educational theory and principles. Concepts in IBD were taught via an interactive multimedia CD-ROM. Summative evaluation of the CD was done by measuring gain in IBD knowledge. 

Results:  Adolescents found the CD to be informative, appealing, and easy to use. The mean score of the adolescents on the CCKNOW was 11 (SD 4.1, range 1, 19), compared to 15 for parents (4.4, range 6, 26). After an average of 30 minutes using the CD-ROM, adolescent subjects increased their post-test score to a mean of 19.85, a gain of 7.65 points over baseline (95% CI 5.2-10.1, p < 0.0001). Knowledge of medications, disease complications and gastrointestinal structure and function was gained.

Conclusions:  A rigorously developed interactive educational tool is now available for instructing adolescent patients about their IBD.  This educational program will enable the patient to become more involved in disease management and will be an excellent contribution to efforts to increase medication adherence and health-related quality of life in adolescents with IBD.