Thursday, February 16, 2017

Outcomes of a Faculty Development Conference in Mongolia

Deborah Kroeker
University of Kansas School of Medicine

Background: Medical Education International (MEI) is an organization that provides faculty development to medical educators in developing countries.

Aims: To assess the outcomes of an MEI faculty development conference on a group of faculty educators in Mongolia.

Methods: A retrospective pretest survey of participants was used to assess the outcomes of a 3-day faculty development conference given twice at the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences. This study assesses participant views on their ability to meet the objectives of the conference, their perceived overall value of the conference, and their suggestions for improvements in future MEI conferences.

Results: Data from 20 participant surveys were analyzed. Participants reported significant changes in agreement with their ability to meet the objectives of the conference in all of the pre-post measures (pre-post p<0.001). Participants ranked the value of attending the conference at a mean score of 4.05 on a Likert scale from 1 to 5, with 1 indicating “Strongly Disagree” and 5 “Strongly Agree.” Conference attendees indicated interest in additional training on more advanced topics. Conclusion: Overall, the findings indicate that conference attendees valued the training received from a faculty development conference led by physicians from a westernized country. Further research needs to be done to determine long-term effectiveness of the conferences and any impact on residency education in Mongolia.