Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Congratulations to Melissa Klein for 2016 APA Faculty Teaching Award!

Melissa Klein, MD, MEd,  co-director for the Online Medical Education programs for physicians and health care professionals, was awarded the 2016 Academic Pediatric Association Mid-Level Faculty Teaching Award. The award recognizes excellence in teaching among APA members.

In addition to serving as the medical director for our program, Melissa is also an Associate Professor of Pediatrics in the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and the Director of the General Pediatric Master Educator Fellowship at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Receiving the award was based on the following:
Melissa’s passion for teaching began in grade school and she has consistently been recognized for her stellar teaching skills. She is a patient-centered teacher and actively pursues teachable moments with her learners. One of her trainees stated, "Whenever Dr. Klein is in clinic, I know the first thing she is going to ask when I come out of the room is what did we learn from the patient."  She has committed her scholarly career to educating others about the impact of the social determinants of health on children. Her passion for this topic continues at a national level as a part of her work on the APA’s task force on child poverty. At Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, she directs many of the educational activities for general pediatrics and has created one of the first General Pediatric Master Educator Fellowship training programs while also working as the co-director for the University of Cincinnati Masters of Education program. She was a graduate of the first cohort of faculty scholars from the APA Educational Scholars Program. She currently serves as an Associate Editor for Academic Pediatrics.